Red Ale (Melanoidin) Malt B04013

Malt Description

Red Ale Malt malt is aromatic malt rich in melanoidins. It is recommended for dark beers to enhance color and aroma. A special malting program is used to ensure the right flavor and aroma through controlled Maillard reaction. Flavor of Red Ale Malt is malty and bitter but also roasted and nutty flavors can be found with long lasting linger. Red Ale Malt is also slightly acidic. The amylolytic activity of Red Ale Malt is low.


Red Ale Malt malt is strongly aromatic malt, with coloring capability. Ideal for special ales like APA, IPA, Red Ale and Dark Lagers. Recommended usage up to 20 % of the grist.

Comparable Malts

The comparable malts for this product include:

    • Great Western Melanoidin
    • Weyermann Melanoidin
    • Best Malz Melanoidin


Color (?L)

27 ? 4

Moisture (%)

< 5.0

SKU: B04013