Maris Otter Malt (Floor Malted) – Tuckers Malting B04100

Malt Description

Floor malting is the traditional way of malting barley, done by hand and not in a large commercial drum the technique allow the best properties of the malt to shien. Our malt is brighter, cleaner and more flavourful in all the right ways. This malt has a low nitrogen content and high extract that produces a rich and malty beer.


Maris Otter is a traditional English malt that typically is the base for English bitters and ales.

Comparable Malts

The comparable malts for this product include:

    • Bairds 1823 Marris Otter
    • Crisp No. 19 FM Maris Otter
    • SImpsons Finest Maris Otter

Tuckers Malting

Founded in 1831, Tuckers Maltings preserves the ultimate in malting tradition to help you produce similarly memorable beers. In fact, one of the malting company’s first customers was the Guinness brewery. Only one of four remaining malt houses in England which still produces malt in the traditional manner, all Tuckers’ grain is grown locally in Devon and floor-malted and hand-turned. Choose from a wide range of products based on their traditional floor-malted English barley.


Moisture (%)

max. 4.0

Extract Fine (% dm)

min. 81

Color (?L)

1.9 ? 2.4

Sol. Nitrogen (mg/l)

max. 0.56

FAN (mg/l)

max. 1.60

SKU: B04100