Cookie (Biscuit) Malt B04031

Malt Description

Cookie Malt is produced by roasting from high quality pilsner malt. The amylolytic activity of Cookie Malt is negligible. As its name stands Cookie Malt contributes mild and pleasant roasted cereal flavors and aromas with hints of pop-corn and biscuits.


Cookie Malt is mainly included in grists for ales and lagers, but it can also be used for any beer where nice golden color and typical flavors are favored. Already with rather low dosage portions the effect on flavor can be noted. Typical dosage rate of Cookie Malt is normally under 20%.

Comparable Malts

The comparable malts for this product include:

    • Briess Victory Malt
    • Chateau Biscuit Malt
    • Dingmans Biscuit Malt


Moisture (%)

Max 6.0

Extract Fine (% dm)

min. 72

Color (°EBC)

40 ? 60

SKU: B04031