Michael, an experienced winemaker and distiller (and sometimes brewer), is the founder of Winemakeri Inc, one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of specialized fermentation nutrients, finings and flavouring ingredients. When he is not in the lab, Michael can be found trade show globetrotting to enhance his brewing and beverage knowledge.

Cooperative + Community

Whitestar Yeast

Whether you chair a serious home brew club, run a pilot brewery, or plan on starting a yeast lab, we want to hear from you. Even though we have only worked together on this exciting new malt importing project for a year, we have already formed lasting partnerships and sponsorships.

Drink Local

Whether it’s enjoying a local drink at a waterfront beer garden, or a kitchen keg party, we support the growing craft community. Craft beer, wine, cider, spirits, kombucha or soda, chances are one of us has some knowledge and experience we would love to share with you.

Traditional + Innovative

We are the first new Canadian brewers malt importer in 20 years. Why settle for the same old, same old. I’ll toast to that.

Tuckers Malts

We believe in tradition, and 1831 is a lot of malting history. That’s why we sourced the best floor malted Maris Otter this side of Plymouth and are introducing it to the most discerning British ale drinkers in Canada. And yes, American craft breweries and home brew shops can also apply for a taste, just ask.

Viking Malts

We also believe in innovation. Our European malt partner, the largest in Scandinavia, 5th largest in Europe, and 9th largest in the world, has the experience and know how to make specialized custom malts from 5 ton trial batches to 20 ton FCL. At 600,000 tons of total malt production, what can we make for you?

Local + National

Malthouse Warehouses

Yes, we are local, with the establishment of two malt warehouses located in metro Halifax. Local craft breweries can now source malt the same day, instead of the usual week long wait from central Canada.

Coast to Coast

And yes, we are national as we have an established long term distribution network coast to coast. Whether it’s a one bag order or a 20 ton FCL drop ship, we are ready to manage your malt supply chain.


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